Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Mmm sounds yummy! Will have to try it next time I make Lasagna



This was my very first experience with cheese-making at home. Ricotta is definitely one of the simpler cheeses to make. In fact, growing up in an Indian household I was always surrounded by paneer making. My mom always preferred making paneer or cottage cheese at home – it was a simple procedure plus it saved us from all the preservatives that are added in the store bought paneer. 

Ricotta making was pretty similar to paneer making and the amount of money I saved in making it at home completely blew my mind. Its surely going to be a regular in my house from now on. Another cool thing you can do while making ricotta is flavor it depending on its use. For instance if you are going to use the cheese for spreading on toasts etc. then you can add different herbs to it or if you are going to…

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